SPUT Youth Council: Amanye Reynolds

What is your favorite memory with Saint Paul Urban Tennis?

My favorite memory with Saint Paul Urban Tennis is playing Junior Team Tennis and SPUTniks every summer. I will never forget playing in the semi-finals and SPUT was tied even with The Fort. It came down to a mixed doubles tie breaker that would determine which team won. I knew that no matter the outcome of the match, my team would be proud of us. I have never felt the same amount of support from a team like I have from the SPUT kids.

SPUT encourages kids to be good people before good athletes, and that time and effort is invested into our players to ensure they have the skills they will need in the future. When you are a part of SPUT, you feel like you are a part of something bigger than just yourself.

How has Saint Paul Urban Tennis developed you as a leader?

Saint Paul Urban Tennis has developed me as a leader by providing me with opportunities to take on new roles and expose myself to various pathways. I have been a part of numerous SPUT events where I have gotten the opportunity to present and speak in front of many people. Being a SPUT coach in the summer has greatly improved my leadership skills as well. I manage young kids, I teach tennis while ensuring safety, and I make lesson plans clear for the assistant coaches.

As the President of the Youth Council, what are your duties? What skills have you improved through this role?

As the Youth Council President I am responsible for creating agendas for monthly Youth Council meetings, and taking the lead on projects. I am expected to attend SPUT board meetings with the programs committee as well. I also attend all of the SPUT events to show my support and commitment. I take initiative on projects by assigning roles to other Youth Council members, coordinating days to meet when we have projects, and making sure we stay on task to get assignments finished on schedule.

The skills that I have improved from my role on the Youth Council are my people skills, time management skills, organizational skills, and public speaking skills.

Additionally, I have also gained experience and broadened my knowledge on platforms such as Canva, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and more.

Who do you look up to the most in your life and why?

The person I look up to the most in my life is probably my mom because she has done such a great job being the rock for my family following my dad’s stroke. She had to additionally take on the roles my dad played in our household, and still manages to support me and my siblings.

What are you looking forward to in college?

What I am looking forward to most in college is going on new endeavors and taking on other pursuits. I want to explore different career options and develop interests I have yet to tap into. I would love to travel internationally and delve into cultures I do not know much about. I am hoping to find my passion during my four years of college and have a set career path upon graduating. I am also looking forward to becoming a part of another community of people and forming lasting relationships.

What will you miss most about Saint Paul Urban Tennis?

What I will miss most about Saint Paul Urban Tennis is being surrounded by so many caring adults. It will be difficult to go in separate directions from the friends I have made from my time in the program. I will also miss being a part of such a high energy environment full of lively people. The way people uplift and support each other is unique to this organization and is something I will strongly miss.


  1. urbantennis on March 11, 2020 at 4:54 pm

    Amanye, you are so awesome. Thanks for sharing your passion, humor, and dedication with us!

    • urbantennis on March 11, 2020 at 4:54 pm

      From Josh by the way 😉

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