Empower, Lead, Succeed

Exploring the Impact of SPUT's Leadership Pathways

Since 1991 Saint Paul Urban Tennis has been known for the life and leadership skills we incorporate into our tennis programs. We now have opportunities for kids to develop skills in one or more of 4 SPUT Leadership Pathways:

Kids can start in our junior lessons and camps then progress to compete in Junior Team Tennis. High school students can play winter tennis indoors and attend leadership training in our Warrior Leadership Academy. Players who stay active in SPUT programs can be hired as coaches, program assistants, and more. SPUT has many opportunities for kids to learn tennis and other skills to be successful on and off the court!

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Stepping onto the court with Saint Paul Urban Tennis is one step among many that will support a child's growth for a lifetime. Tennis offers an incredible space to practice perseverance, communication, fairness, sportsmanship, and so much more. From there, kids can learn to compete and find new challenges to pursue and grow through. Once they've practiced in our lessons and competed through Junior Team Tennis, SPUT kids are able to take advantage of their first job experience as a coach. And finally, when they've learned the ropes... they can start the cycle all over again and train the next generations of players and coaches.


Yes, we love tennis but the reason we love it goes way beyond it being a fun and exciting sport to play. We love tennis because of the rich learning opportunities it affords us.

Through the education pathway, kids can explore new ideas through our A.C.E. Camps and then go on to learn critical values through our SPUT SPIRIT curriculums. As they develop, they'll find opportunities to tutor other youth as a volunteer in one of our programs. Eventually, the door will be open for them to teach as a lead instructor or camp director.

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Fun fact: More than 70% of our coaches were SPUT participants as kids.

We take a great deal of pride in being the first employer for many of our young people. As coaches, they will gain valuable experience with communication and problem solving. They will develop potential for their dream jobs and one day have the opportunity to manage on court teams. Eventually, if they continue on our pathway, they'll be given the reigns and asked to direct elements of our programs.


SPUT is first and foremost a community. We support one another and have a network of amazing individuals who want to make the world a better place.

Service begins with the opportunity to reflect on our gifts, passions, and values to see where we have the opportunity to support others. As we grow our capacity for service and leadership, we are asked to mentor others to guide them along their path. Our Warrior Leadership Academy asks our high school youth, how will you lead? It isn't long before each of our young leaders is making an impact on themselves and their community.