Advancing Tennis Equity with Income-Based Program Scholarships

The cost to be involved in sports keeps rising. This takes away opportunities for kids to learn important life skills through sports. The world needs young leaders who can work as a team. We believe strongly in our programs and their ability to teach service, perseverance, integrity, responsibility, imagination, and teamwork. We will not let fees get in the way of that.

Youth Sports Are Expensive. We Are Not.

We keep program fees low, but we also know that every family is different. A "one-size-fits-all" fee does not work. We provide scholarships and financial assistance to any family looking to participate. Fees help us fund our programs, but we want to give every kid the opportunity to launch as a leader.

Saint Paul Urban Tennis creates an environment where community and tennis come together. This means sharing the load so that all kids can access our great programs. Please reference our payment recommendations below and pay the amount that fits your family. When it comes time to register, you'll be able to select a ticket price that fits your family's needs. Please consider donating to support scholarships and reduced-price programming for other families in our community.