Saint Paul Urban Tennis believes that there should be as few barriers to our programs as possible.  We reject the pay to play model and will never turn a family away for an inability to pay for our programs.  We ask that everyone contribute what they can to keep our mission going, but won’t let that be a barrier to participation.  Please use the graph below to find our suggested payment levels based on family income. If the suggested payment amount doesn’t work for your family, please give us a call and we’ll figure things out with you!

Payment Calculator_Chart

Scholarship Discount Codes

To pay the recommended amount for your program of choice, use the discount codes below.  Just flip the card to find your discount code!

(*Note: codes are only to be used for Junior Programs, if you would like to request financial assistance for another program, please call our office)

To Pay 75%


To Pay 50%


To Pay 25%


To Pay $5