Youth Sports are Expensive. We're Not.

The cost to be involved in sports keeps rising. That isn't good for kids and not good for our community. The world needs young leaders who can work as a team and who know the importance of hard work and community. We believe strongly in our programs and their ability to teach Service, Perseverance, Integrity, Responsibility, Imagination, and Teamwork. We won't let fees get in the way of that.

We keep program fees low, but we also know that every family is different and a "one-size-fits-all" fee doesn't work. That's why we provide scholarships and financial assistance to any family looking to participate. Fees help us fund our programs, but we believe in our programs and want to share them with everyone. 

When you've got a great recipe, share it!

We encourage families to pay what they can but will NEVER turn a family away based on their ability to pay. Please press the button below or email us at for more information!