Warrior Leadership Academy

Warrior Leadership Academy is a premier tennis training and leadership development program run by Saint Paul Urban Tennis. 60+ students from eight different Saint Paul Public High Schools and other area schools come together to develop their passion for tennis, elevate their competitive level, and grow their capacity for leading and serving in the community.

A primary focus of Warrior Leadership Academy is to provide youth in Saint Paul with resources and pathways to compete at the highest levels of high school tennis. Through donor support and fundraising from our players, we are able to support the continued development of our players throughout the winter, a time when kids who don't have access to private coaching or indoor facilities often fall behind their peers. As such, we prioritize enrollment of players facing barriers to off-season development (geographic, financial, race, language). Our capacity is limited to 65 players, so make sure to apply early for advanced consideration. Late applications will not be accepted.

The 2019-2020 season will begin at the end of October 2019. If you are interested in applying, please apply below. Want to learn more? Contact 651-222-2879 or brandon@urbantennis.org.

Warriors, click below to enter the Warrior Portal for updates and program materials.

Become a Warrior

Applications are due September 22nd, 2019. Submit our web form below or print a paper copy and follow the instructions.