Classes and Events

Find your way into the SPUT community through one of our tennis classes or events.  Whether you play tennis or not, we’ve got ways for you to plug in.

Check out our list of classes and events below.  You can search and filter to find the right fit for you. Once you find the class or event you are looking for, click on it and follow the steps to sign up!

Event Name

Saint Paul Urban Tennis has many events to choose from. Use the "Event Name" search function.


Event Type

If you don't know what event you want to sign up for yet, try filtering based on the type of event or class you'd like to sign up for.



We have programs across the city of Saint Paul. You can search for events in your area by selecting one of the options that best fits where you'd like to participate.


Not Sure?

There's a lot to choose from! If you're unsure or can't decide where to start, please feel free to contact us.  We'd love to get you involved!