SPUT Alumni Spotlight: Ricky Moua

What led you to start your involvement at Saint Paul Urban Tennis?

I was a St. Paul Harding graduate and during my summers and winters, I would participate in the programs that SPUT offered such as Junior Team Tennis, Tournaments, and Warriors. I started playing tennis in sophomore year in high school and after I graduated, I became a coach transitioning from an assistant coach to a head coach, and a coordinator.

What programs were you involved with at your time with SPUT?

I was a part of the regular summer Junior Team Tennis programs along with warriors in the winter. I was able to participate in the All-City Tournament as well where I was given my very first competitive experience as a high school student athlete.

What is your favorite memory with Saint Paul Urban Tennis?

My favorite memory with SPUT is getting to coach and educate other coaches as a coordinator. It was an amazing experience to get to support other folks in the same field as myself that enjoy youth work and athletics. Some things that may seem common to you may not be for others and the joy of sharing knowledge is powerful. 

How did SPUT develop you as a leader and get you ready for your future endeavors?

SPUT literally gave me my first job. I’m a big advocate for getting your feet wet and that’s exactly what SPUT did for me. I could have read all the books in the world, learn everything about being a coach, but if I never was able to put my actions into action, then I would never know what I know now. Because of SPUT, I tackle the majority of my duties in life with urgency and careful details.

What’s the biggest lesson or take away you learned at your time with SPUT?

The biggest take away I learned with my time at SPUT is to cherish all the little things in life. I’m in a different job field now but I appreciate all of the amazing and positive memories I was able to get from my years as an assistant and head coach. Those times felt so lost as a young adult learning to adapt to society but so right at the same time.

How did SPUT improve your tennis knowledge and abilities?

SPUT had amazing mentors from all around. We had USPTA professionally certified coaches, Division 1-3 tennis players/coaches, and successful high school coaches to learn from. SPUT improved my tennis knowledge tremendously. As for abilities, when you surround yourself around greatness, you too strive for that level of yourself.

What makes Saint Paul Urban Tennis special to you as an Alum?

SPUT will always hold a special place in my heart as an Alum. It was one of my happiest times of my life as a student athlete, coach, and leader. Getting to work with genuine people, making new friends, and learning to compete as someone who never took part in organized sports. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, I hold no regrets joining SPUT as a student and employee.

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