Exciting Expansion Plans for Saint Paul Urban Tennis

Saint Paul Urban Tennis (SPUT) is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its mission to empower youth through tennis and education. Today the Minnesota Legislature approved a $750,000 capital investment for SPUT that will fuel the expansion of its youth development programs on the East Side of St. Paul. 

This transformative grant will serve as a catalyst for SPUT’s ambitious plans to establish a new facility on the East Side. A long-abandoned dumpsite will be revitalized into a vibrant park, learning center, and the future home of Saint Paul Urban Tennis. This groundbreaking project not only signifies a remarkable achievement for our organization but also promises to uplift the underserved communities on the East Side. 

The support of Minnesota Senators Foung Hawj and Sandra Pappas, as well as Representatives Liz Lee and Jay Xiong, has been instrumental in securing this crucial bill. SPUT and the young players across the city owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to these esteemed senators and representatives for championing this cause. 

“We are elated to receive this capital investment, which will enable us to expand our reach and impact on the East Side of St. Paul,” said Gunnar Liden, Executive Director of Saint Paul Urban Tennis. “This grant will provide the foundation for our new facility, creating a safe haven for youth to learn, grow, and thrive through tennis and education.”

The new facility will not only offer state-of-the-art tennis facilities but also provide comprehensive educational resources, mentorship programs, and community engagement initiatives. By combining sports and education, SPUT aims to empower young individuals, foster their personal growth, and cultivate a sense of community pride. 

As SPUT embarks on this exciting journey, we invite community members, stakeholders, and supporters to join us in celebrating this historic moment. Together, we can build a brighter future for the youth on the East Side of St. Paul. 

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