Our Mission |

We strengthen our community by educating and empowering youth to realize their full potential.

Upcoming Events

April - May

Kick-off the 2024 spring season with Saint Paul Urban Tennis by registering for six one-hour lessons in our spring youth lessons program! SPUT's youth lessons are an excellent place for beginner and intermediate players to learn and grow their game. Players will receive coaching on fundamentals, chances to drill and practice, tons of fun games, and will grow through our SPUT S.P.I.R.I.T. (service, perseverance, integrity, responsibility, imagination, teamwork) curriculum. Registration for spring lessons will open in January!

WLA Workshops

November - March

The Warrior Leadership Academy's weekend workshops include sessions on college and career exploration, money management, healthy living, leadership development, community service, and more. Students from across St. Paul come together to play tennis, build friendships, and take part in inspiring learning experiences. WLA is your chance to connect with peers who share your passion for tennis and community impact. Discover your leadership potential and make lifelong connections by joining SPUT's Warrior Leadership Academy

End of Year Giving

November - December

Saint Paul Urban Tennis has always been about more than just tennis. It's about equipping our youth with invaluable life skills, nurturing their talents, and fostering a sense of community and belonging. Each donation we receive goes directly toward creating opportunities for underserved youth in Saint Paul, providing them with a chance to discover their potential, build character, and achieve their dreams. Help us continue to offer tennis programs that go beyond the court, instilling values of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance.

Our Impact

Seasonal and Part-time jobs provided each year
Dollars invested back into our community through employment, scholarships, and financial assistance
Kids served anually through lessons and outreach

“Working for SPUT has been a great opportunity and experience for me to grow as an individual. Warriors gave me a sense of belonging and helped me through a lot of things. I loved the time I got to spend with SPUT.”

-Latrice Jondro, SPUT Coach

"The coaches involved with SPUT are so good. The connections that my kids have made with their coaches are amazing; they are wonderful mentors and I can’t wait to watch these relationships grow."

-Chris Voeller, SPUT Parent

"Being a tennis coach at SPUT was an amazing experience for me. As a coach, I had the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for the sport with others and helped the students improve their skills and reach their goals. Additionally, being part of the EP program, I had the opportunity to visit colleges with SPUT staff and design SPUT’s tennis coach uniform. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of SPUT."

-Setel Muhammed, SPUT Coach

Our family returns to Saint Paul Urban Tennis year-after-year because SPUT works with ALL Saint Paul youth, has accessible and affordable programming, and offers a curriculum that fosters strength, fortitude, integrity, and fun. Not to mention that SPUT is BIPOC lead and allows many to learn a predominantly white-centered sport. We are so thankful for SPUT.

-Adriana, SPUT Parent

SPUT has had such a significant impact on my life and I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am today without Saint Paul Urban Tennis.

-Eli Freberg, SPUT Coach


-Helen, Outreach Partner

When I was younger, I noticed on mainstream shows and hollywood movies that the protagonist was never asian; just like how there are no asian superheroes in the Avengers… Through SPUT, I can show the world, leaders DO look like me.

-Neng Lee (Frankie), SPUT Coach

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