The SPUT Store

Saint Paul Urban Tennis is able to employ 10 youth workers each year to participate in our Employment PLUS (EP) program. EP workers help to facilitate operations within the Eastview Rec Center, such as checking in guests, setting up gym spaces, and selling goods at the concessions stand. In addition to their on the job training, EP participants get valuable life skills training including resume writing, touring and applying to colleges, and mentorship in their chosen career paths. We are currently establishing a Pro Shop, racket stringing service, and SPUT apparel store for our Empoyment PLUS youth to operate and maintain.

Youth Social Entrepreneurship

The SPUT Store was started by Saint Paul Urban Tennis as part of our Employment PLUS program to educate individuals about small business development. Through our Youth Social Entrepreneurship program we provide seed money to young people who want to start their own business. These young entrepreneurs are encouraged to network with other small business owners, attend workshops, and conduct research to launch a successful venture. Youth workers are responsible for creating products, setting prices, making decisions about marketing and strategy, and keep track of the profits. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. 

Youth workers have recently launched a Tennis Pro Shop inside the Eastview Rec Center. Stop by Monday - Friday between 3pm-5pm to check it out!

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