Pro-Am Fundraiser

What is the Pro-Am?

We match area pros with amateur players for an exciting night of tennis. Spectators are welcome to join us for the party and learn about SPUT's incredible programs while watching some great tennis. We provide the food and drinks, so all that's left to you is to have fun and meet some amazing people. Email with questions or to be included on our list for 2020!


$5,000 Match has been met!

A generous donor pledged a 5,000 match for donations raised at the ProAm and it was met! Thanks to all who supported. If you missed the match, don't worry, you can still donate to support our great programs.

"Watching the tennis, I was like, WOW."

-Warrior Leadership Academy player, Htoo, on watching the Pro-Am matches

The 2019 Pro-Am fundraiser was a great success! Thank you to all who made it possible. We enjoyed an evening of lively conversation, learning about SPUT’s awesome programs, and some pretty great tennis. One of our Warriors, Htoo, reflected, “I was watching them hit, and it was like, WOW.” The Pro-Am creates an incredible opportunity for folks to learn about and support Saint Paul Urban Tennis and it also provides a great learning opportunity for our Warrior Leadership Academy Students. We like to emphasize with them the importance of inclusion in our community and the Pro-Am is a great space for them to practice their storytelling, networking, and conversation skills in an effort to include everyone in our community.

Special thanks to:

  • Our incredible Ams – Even though “Am” is technically short for amateur, it seems more fitting to have it be short for Amazing. All played with incredible skill and most importantly provided incredible mentorship to our young players in attendance by showing the highest levels of sportsmanship on court.
  • Our wonderful pros – they showed us what levels can be achieved in the sport and gave us a little bit to dream about when we got home that night.
  • Our splendid volunteers – everyone had a great time and it couldn’t have happened without our lead volunteers, Kerry Reiling, Cindy Walz and Maddie Hansen. An event like this has a lot of moving pieces and having their steady hands at the wheel kept everything moving along smoothly.
  • Our awesome warriors – our warriors love watching elite tennis and getting fed, but that’s not why they do this (though it makes it much more enjoyable). They love the opportunity to share with others the community that they have built through SPUT and the Warrior program.
  • Our fantastic staff – working in the non-profit/youth development field doesn’t always mean the steadiest of hours. But we love what we do and what it means to our community, thanks for helping us do so!
  • Our MAGNIFICENT community – there’s not much more we can say, but whether you made it to the event or cheered us on from afar, we appreciate you. All of us together are making our community stronger, thank you for pushing and supporting staff, participants, and one another along the way.

Relive the fun of our 2019 Pro-Am