Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child bring to lessons?

Please send your child to lessons with a water bottle and tennis shoes. It also may be a good idea to provide your child with a hat to protect them from the sun.

Do I need to buy my child a racket for lessons?

If you would like to buy your child a racket, feel free to do so. However, SPUT will provide rackets onsite for each child.

What is SPUT's Inclement Weather Policy?

Rain: Any rain cancellations will be posted on SPUT’s Facebook page, and an email will be sent 1 hour before lessons to families.

Heat: If the heat index is supposed to reach 104 degrees, all classes will be canceled for the day. Cancellations will be made the day before and posted on SPUT’s Facebook.

Lightning: If lightning occurs during lessons, classes will be postponed, and coaches will take kids to the closest sheltered area. Play will resume if the storm clears and it is no longer raining. 

Cold: If the temperature drops below 38 degrees with a poor wind chill and/or conditions (snowing), classes will be canceled, and communications sent via email and SPUT’s Facebook page. 

Can I leave my child at their lesson while I run errands?

We recommend that parents of children ages 5–8-year-old stay on-site throughout the lesson period.

Is it okay if my child misses a week of lessons?

Yes. Please plan to notify your child's coach of the absence ahead of time.

How do I know if my child is ready for High Performance lessons?

High Performance lessons are for tennis players who have participated in our regular lessons for a few years and have a more advanced skill set than a beginner. These classes are ideal for players who are able to maintain a rally and are seeking opportunities to improve in a more competitive atmosphere. In all of our lesson groups, kids are grouped by ability, so if the coaches feel that your child is playing at a higher level, they will give them the attention and support they need.