Tennis Where You Are


Saint Paul Urban Tennis is excited to offer Tennis Where You Are as a free resource to our community during a time of need. Tennis Where You Are is a six week remote learning program that can be completed anywhere, anytime. Engage in fun learning and development programming wherever you are! Our ambition with the program is to ensure that families that don't feel comfortable with in-person programming or don't have access to in-person programming still have an outlet to learn tennis and leadership skills! Nothing can truly replace the face-to-face interactions between a child and a coach, but with some creativity and perseverance, we can work together to keep advancing the learning and growth of our kids.


  • Google Classroom
  • Youtube
  • Paper based activity packets (available for everyone, but especially for those who can't access technology or internet reliably. Please call 651-222-2879 or email to request pick up or delivery. A pdf is also available in the google classroom)

Equipment Needed: 

We will do our best to make sure our lessons and activities require as minimal equipment necessary. Each activity will also provide a list of adaptations to help families participate regardless of the supplies and equipment they have available.

  • Racquet
  • 3 Tennis Balls (many other forms of ball work, we've also used rolled up socks!)
  • 4 "Targets" (usually these are cones, but action figures, sticks, plastic cups, or anything that you don't mind getting hit with a tennis ball can work)
  • Net (again, hardly any of us have a net available in our back yard or driveway... so, use some lined up chairs, a folding table, string tied between two objects... whatever works as a barrier to hit over)

Spatial Needs: 

When we say "Where You Are" we mean it. most of the drills and activities can be completed from a variety of spaces including: a driveway, backyard, public park, a safe street, basketball court, and even in a living room or basement (ok... we have to admit... the living room isn't ideal but if you have soft equipment and a lot of trust, it can work there. Just maybe put Grandma's china away first.)


Google Classroom:

Use Code: hvxkdj2