What we do

Saint Paul Urban Tennis empowers our community by educating and empowering youth to reach their full potential.  We provide quality youth programming to youth from all backgrounds. Our goal is to make sure that anyone and everyone is able to access the life lessons and healthy living that tennis and mentorship provide.

Where we do it

Anywhere a ball bounces. Specifically our daytime summer lessons span 25+ court locations across Saint Paul. In addition to lessons on court, we deliver outreach programming in gyms, parking lots, basketball courts, and more using portable nets to make sure everyone gets a chance to experience our awesome programs.

How we do it

Our philosophy is that every youth should have access to quality mentorship, healthy living, and positive relationships and we couldn’t do it without the support of our community.  Through donations of time, energy, money, and goods, we’re able to make sure that barriers are as minimal as possible. No child is ever turned away based on inability to pay, lack of equipment, or their identity background.  

Why we do it

Because we know the impact of positive youth development.  It shapes our leaders of today and tomorrow and ensures that youth are getting access to the opportunities that will launch them on to their future dreams.  From our 5 year old munchkins, to our advanced competition players, to the coaches who grew up in our program, everyone at every level of SPUT knows that we can make a positive difference in the lives of others.