Leadership Pathway


Launching Leaders

Launching Leaders is at the core of what we do.  We value teaching leadership at all levels and have developed pathways for youth and adults alike to realize their capacity for leadership.  Take a look below to find out how.  


Tennis Pathway

Tennis has valuable lessons to offer us.  From the time someone first holds a racquet we guide them through developing each level of their game as long as they want to grow it.  Starting with beginner lessons, players soon advance to competition and eventually take the courts as one of our esteemed coaches.  


Education Pathway

We empower leaders in our community by accompanying them on their education journey.  Our presence in schools through outreach helps motivate kids in our community to pursue growth in learning.  





Tennis Pathway

Saint Paul Urban Tennis provides numerous young people and emerging adults in our community with their first employment experience.  Whether learning to coach or gaining insights into the non-profit world through our Employment Plus program, we're preparing leaders to make their mark in the workforce. 

Leadership Development

Leadership Development Pathway

Launching leaders is at the core of what we do.  Through our Warrior Leadership Academy, young adults across the community learn what it means to serve (literally and figuratively).