Launching Leaders

Launching Leaders is at the heart of what we do at Saint Paul Urban Tennis. Everyone has the capacity to lead. Through our programs, youth are able to recognize their own leadership ability and put it into practice on and off the court.  


As our tagline suggests, SPUT is all about Launching Leaders. For this reason, we have developed a leadership pathway that engages participants to grow as leaders within the organization. When kids start our lessons they are already being taught key leadership skills. As their investment in SPUT grows, we have opportunities for leadership development through Junior Team Tennis, the Warrior Leadership Academy, and eventually, coaching.

Health and Wellness

Helping children develop healthy habits is an integral part of Saint Paul Urban Tennis. With a major increase in the obesity levels of youth, introducing proper nutrition and eating habits is critical to youth development. We are a proud promoter of the USTA's 10 and Under Tennis Program with support from Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign.


SPUT Spirit

Through our tennis lessons, we aim to teach SPUT S.P.I.R.I.T.  These are the life skills taught throughout our program that include (S) service, (P) perseverance, (I) integrity, (R) responsibility, (I) imagination, and (T) teamwork. 

Community Development

Strengthening our community is at the heart of Saint Paul Urban Tennis. We invest in the strength of our community by educating and empowering youth through our programs, providing a space for community gatherings through Eastview Recreation Center, and staying active in the dialogue around positive youth development in Saint Paul.


Life Skills

It has long been understood that playing and competing in sports teaches young children valuable life lessons. From the moment a child steps onto a field, court, rink, or course, they are required to follow certain rules and etiquette. They learn appropriate behavior from coaches and teammates that will serve them well in competition and in life.

At SPUT, we pride ourselves on the important life lessons that we teach in each daily lesson. We've created a SPUT Store that is used as a reward system for kids that display the positive behavior we seek on and off the court. We specifically teach service, perseverance, integrity, responsibility, imagination, and teamwork. These life skills and core values are what we've nicknamed the SPUT S.P.I.R.I.T.

Each SPUT tennis lesson concludes with time for life lessons and reflection. We introduce a new life skill with a story on Mondays and reinforce it through application and self-assessment throughout the week. SPUT Bucks are occasionally awarded to reinforce the lessons.