Fist Pumps and Favorites

Celebrating Favorite 2020 Moments with SPUT Youth

Please join Saint Paul Urban Tennis for our Fall Fundraiser, Fist Pumps and Favorites. This unique season has been challenging, but there have been many joyful times too. Learn more about Saint Paul Urban Tennis as our amazing kids share their favorite SPUT moments in our tennis, education, leadership, and employment programs. Prepare to be energized and inspired!

How to Participate!


Tune in on September 26 for our "live" event!

When: Saturday, September 26, 7:00 to 8:00 pm

Where: In front of your computer or television at your favorite location with your favorite people!

How: Find the "live" at our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel. 

Why: Kids need free or low-cost youth development opportunities more than ever!

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What are your favorites? We want to know! Share some of your favorites with us by filling out the Fist Pumps and Favorites form! Your answers will be shared on social media and will also be posted on this page! Follow along and try other SPUT community members' favorites!



Can't join us for Fist Pumps and Favorites? Please consider making a donation to Saint Paul Urban Tennis. The past few months have been difficult, but we persevered and with your help, we can continue launching leaders and serving Saint Paul families.

SPUT Community Favorites

Enjoy the favorites of SPUT community members! During the Fist Pumps and Favorites Fundraiser on September 26, order take-out from a listed favorite place, cook a listed favorite meal, or watch a listed favorite movie. The favorites are limitless!

Megan Gaard Gunderson | SPUT Board Member

Favorite SPUT moment: Listening to SPUT participants and leaders speak at the annual luncheon. It’s always so impactful and amazing to hear how SPUT has played a positive role in their lives.

Favorite Twin Cities take-out or delivery restaurant: Wok in the Park

Favorite meal to cook: Spaghetti!

Favorite movie: The Proposal

Josh Hansen-Connell | SPUT Program Director

Favorite SPUT moment: The painful part of SPUT is trying to answer questions like this. It is impossible to pick a favorite among many incredible experiences. However, I would say that one of my favorites to tell is of our superstar, Htoo. 3 years ago when we were hiring coaches for Right Track, a summer employment program through the City of Saint Paul, a young person saw our banner from across the gym and sprinted the full length over to us. As she screeched to a halt inches from knocking our table over, she exclaimed, "are you guys tennis?!? I'm working for you!" Htoo didn't give me much of a choice, she was coaching for SPUT. I look fondly back on the moment because in 3 years, Htoo has had a transformational presence in our programs. She consistently sets such a high standard of hard-work, energy, and connection that all of us aspire to emulate. This year I got to lead a virtual workshop with her as part of the USTA Northern virtual conference, write her so many letters of recommendation that I might have slight carpel tunnel, support her in growing as a coach and mentor, and just watch as she conquers the world. It is one of many beautiful moments where something small snowballs into an incredible journey.

Favorite Twin Cities take-out or delivery restaurant: On's Thai... it pains me to share because I want it all to myself, but it is too good to keep secret.

Favorite meal to cook: Rhubarb Custard Pie... I have eaten it for breakfast a few times, so it counts! Not setting a good example though... 

Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings (All 3... extended editions... back to back)

Brandon Kuether | SPUT Tennis Program Manager

Favorite SPUT moment: There are so many to choose from! I think that my most recent favorite moment was seeing my son have so much fun with the coaches at the August camps. This was his first year doing SPUT programming, and seeing the way that the coaches showed him so much love and kindness made me feel so proud to be a part of the organization.

Favorite Twin Cities take-out or delivery restaurant: East Side Thai. Easily the best pho I've ever had.

Favorite meal to cook: My wife is a wayyyy better cook than me, but my simple one is pesto pasta.

Favorite movie or television show: Avatar the Last Airbender

Htoo Paw | SPUT Progam Participant

Favorite SPUT moment: I have a lot of favorite memories with SPUT but my favorite moment is just talking to my friends on and off the courts. 

Favorite Twin Cities take-out or delivery restaurant: Hmong Village (Street Market) and Destiny cafe

Favorite meal to cook: My favorite meal to cook is fried rice and pho noodles.

Favorite movie: Shrek and The Incredibles

Courtney Place | SPUT Communications Coordinator

Favorite SPUT moment: My favorite SPUT moment was the Tennis and Leadership Camp for Middle School Girls this past summer. The two organizations I work for (SPUT and Her Next Play) were able to work together to give local girls the opportunity to improve their tennis and leadership skills. It was amazing to see the girls connect with each other throughout the week and become more confident in who they are and what they are passionate about.

Favorite Twin Cities take-out or delivery restaurant: Old Southern BBQ

Favorite meal to cook: Southern double crusted cinnamon sugar peach cobbler (half baked harvest) is my absolute favorite dessert! I am not the best cook, but my sister is a great teacher!

Favorite movie: Spiderman: Far From Home