SPUT's New Eastview Home

St. Paul Urban Tennis entered into a partnership with the City of Saint Paul to manage the Eastview Recreation Center in the Spring of 2017.  It is one of several rec centers throughout the city that has been repartnered with non-profit organizations due to budget constraints.  As SPUT is an organization dedicated to youth development and community building, this partnership was a natural fit.  The outdoor tennis courts and indoor programming space offer many opportunties for us to expand our impact and we have many dreams for what this space can become as a cornerstone of the St. Paul community. We encourage local residents to come by to explore the space, share their vision, and get to know us in our new home! 

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SPUT appreciates any donations of sporting equipment, games, crafts, cleaning supplies and especially toilet paper that can be used at Eastview.  We are also looking for volunteers to lead programs and activities of interest in our space!  The more support we get, the more we can offer.  Let's work together to build community around Eastview!  Please contact sarah@urbantennis.org or call us at 651-222-2879 to learn more about how you could help.


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