Our Tennis Teaching Philosophy:

Priority 1 = SAFETY
Priority 2 = FUN

If you are interested in a tennis program for children that puts fun, safety, and your child's well being above tennis skill development, then this program is for you! It's not that we aren't great tennis teachers, we are.  We just know that in order for your kids to want to come to SPUT, the other stuff must come first.  To ensure quality programming, we provide over 20 hours of training to all coaches and continually evaluate our curriculum and it's delivery.  New coaches start out in an assistant role and learn from veteran coaches and program coordinators until they are ready to take on more responsibility.  Coaches also work from a curriculum with each lesson scripted to include a dynamic warm-up, skill development, and application through fun drills and games.  The end of each lesson is reserved for coach wrap-up and life skill integration.

Tennis Sized Right For Kids (and kids at heart):

We believe in tennis sized right for kids and follow the recommendations and USTA rules governing 10 and Under play.  In fact, all of our programming follows a Play First, then Play Better approach.  Whether you are 8 or 88, shorter courts and slower balls benefit any player learning the game.  So, if you join our lesson programs, you'll get playing right away, no matter your skill.  We modify the court size and ball speed to suit the level of our students, so learning tennis has never been easier or more fun! To learn more about the USTA's 10 and Under Tennis initiative, including the court size, racquet size, and ball type governing play for 10U levels, click here.  

Story Time - 10 and Under Tennis from 10 and Under Tennis on Vimeo.

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