Spring/Fall Junior Programs

Fall Season runs September 6 - Oct 14, 2014

Age Division





Munchkins (Ages 5-8)

MLK Courts


5:30pm - 6:25pm


Red Ball (Ages 7-8)

Dunning (Bucky Olson Courts)


9:00am 9:55am


Orange Ball (Ages 9-10)

Dunning (Bucky Olson Courts)


10:00am 11:25am


Green Dot Ball (Ages 11 12)

Dunning (Bucky Olson Courts)


11:30am 1:00pm


All court locations are outdoors. The week of Oct 19-25 will be added if we have more than one cancellation due to inclement weather. No tennis Oct 15-18 due to MEA weekend.  Kids should wear tennis shoes and bring a bottle of water.  Used racquets are available for on-site use or children can bring their own. 

Munchkin Tennis Class Description:

In this class, we work on basic athletic skills needed for tennis with a focus on developing agility, balance, and coordination. Kids will also build the sending and receiving skills needed for tennis through a variety of racquet and ball activities.

Junior Team Tennis Description

Kids get the opportunity to practice and play on a team during Junior Team Tennis! Practice time will focus on basic strategy and technique needed for success. Match play will follow USTA rules governing 12 and under play, using age appropriate court sizes, balls, and scoring methods. Kids will work with coaches on tennis rules, scoring, and rotations. Prerequisite: Must be able to rally the ball with a partner.  Matches will take place during the session - no travel required.