2018 Spring Junior Tennis Lessons


6 Week Sessions starting mid-April

          Classes at Central High School, Eastview, North Dale

                  Cost: $60  ($45  for Munchkin class ages 5-7)


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Munchkin Tennis (Ages 5-7): Children will work on basic athletic skills needed for tennis with a focus on developing agility, balance and coordination.

Red Ballers (Ages 7-10): Kids will learn and practice forehand and backhand skills and receive an introduction to serve and volley through a variety of racquet and ball activities. The goal of this class is for kids to develop the skills to rally with a partner at least 10 times.

Orange Ballers (Ages 8-11): Kids will learn basic rules and continue to work on rallying the ball with a partner. Focus will be on footwork and sending and receiving skills to help players develop consistency with forehand and backhand ground strokes. Players will learn and practice serve and volley through a variety of racquet and ball activities. Prerequisite: Ability to rally with a partner using red balls. (This is the former Tennis 101 class.)

Green Ballers (Ages 9-12): This class is for kids with prior sports experience who are getting ready to enter age appropriate competition. Players should be able to maintain a ground stroke rally over the net. Players will develop a more complete game with attention to the volley and serve. (This is the former Tennis 201 class.)

Teen Tennis (Ages 13+): Put all of your strokes and footwork together to further strengthen your skills--and practice strategies to help you be successful on the court. Teens will enjoy competitive play while forming new friendships for tennis matches outside of the class!

Eastview Family Lessons (Ages 10 and under--must be in elementary school). Held at Eastview Rec Center courts. Kids sign up with an adult (age 16+) to learn tennis together. Focus is on stroke development, agility and balance.


*Financial assistance available. Racquets can be provided for use in class if needed.
*Players should wear tennis shoes and bring a water bottle to each lesson.

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