Coaching Profile: Michael Narlock



Hometown:  Eagan, Minnesota

Years Coaching for SPUT: 2

Sites where you coach: Lindwood, Homecroft, and Highland

Why did you want to coach for SPUT:  I love tennis, and why not get paid to do something enjoyable.  Also, it is also good to get young people into tennis to hopefully play in high school and beyond.

What is your favorite thing about coaching tennis:  The kids, never a dull day with children that's for sure.

Who is your favorite tennis pro and why: Either John Isner, or Rodger Federer.  Isner just has a big serve and is fun to watch his matches where one mistake can cost you the set.  Federer is just a class act with great form and unbelievable shot making skills.  

What are your career aspirations: I am majoring in finance, and might either minor or double major in actuarial science.  With either of those degrees I hope to work at a company in the field and hopefully gain the experience to one day own or franchise my own insurance company, or investment firm.

What do you do like to do off the court: Basketball, music, family, and just enjoying time outside.  

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream:  Lactose intolerant but can't go wrong with cookies and cream.

What is your favorite place/city other than the Twin Cities:  Haven't been able to travel as much as I like, but for the places I spend time in I would have to say Eau Claire.  The city itself is nowhere as cool or as exciting as a Minneapolis but the college campus is very nice being around a river with many good trails.


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