Coaching Profile: Mekdim Dejene


Hometown: Cottage Grove, MN.

Years working at SPUT: This is my first year.

Sites you work at: Dayton's Bluff and Eastview Park.

Why did you want to coach for SPUT: I wanted to be able to share my experience with others with this sport as well as teaching kids how to play the sport and have fun.

What is your favorite thing about coaching tennis: My favorite thing would probably be seeing how much fun the kids are having when it comes to playing some games like Jail.

Who is your favorite tennis pro and why: Rafa Nadal is my favorite tennis pro because he is also a lefty.

What is your dream job OR career aspirations: When it comes to career aspirations, I honestly wouldn't mind working as a tennis coach but for now I am looking towards 3M to be a chemist.

What do you do like to do off the court: If I'm not hanging around my friends off court then I'm either sleeping, gaming, or playing other sports for fun.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream: Cappuccino Oreo. 

What is your favorite place/city other than the Twin Cities: One of my favorite places would be Granddad's Bluff located in La Crosse, WI the view is amazing there I recommend a visit if you haven't been there yet. 


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