It has long been understood that playing and competing in sports teaches young children valuable life lessons.  From the moment a child steps onto a field, court, rink, or course, they are required to follow certain rules and ettiquette.  They learn appropriate behavior from coaches and teammates  that will serve them well in competition and in life. 
At SPUT, we pride ouselves on the important life lessons that we teach in each daily lesson. We've created a SPUT Store that is used as a reward system for kids that display the positive behavior we seek on and off the court. We specifically teach service, perseverance, integrity, responsibility, imagination, and teamwork. These life skills and core values are what we've nicknamed the SPUT SPIRIT.
Each SPUT tennis lesson concludes with time for life lessons and reflection. We introduce a new life skill with a story on Mondays and reinforce it through application and self-assessment throughout the week. SPUT Bucks are occasionally awarded to reinforce the lessons.
Parents can help by reading their child's Student Playbook and following along with our weekly themes outside of class.  We hope that these lessons help to create a positive atmosphere in the home as well.  And, please do tell us of any application at home.  We love to hear your stories such as the one below.
At supper, Maya (6 years old), was reporting on her afternoon at tennis.  "I couldn't open the juice but I kept on trying and trying until I got it because I learned that in Urban Tennis - PER-SE-VER-ANCE"  Maya got that big word out loudly and clearly.  Her oldest brother just about choked with laughter but mom and dad were very proud. 
--a 2012 Langford Park parent