Coaching Profile: Maddie Ahern  


Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Years working at SPUT: 5 - two years as a volunteer and three as a coach! 

Sites you work at: Highland and St. Clair.

Why did you want to coach for SPUT: I was with the program for about six years as a student and loved all my coaches.  My biggest motivation was to be able to have the same positive impact on kids that my coaches had on me.  To me, Saint Paul Urban Tennis is so much more than a job - it's a way to share my love of tennis with the community that I've lived in for my entire life.

What is your favorite thing about coaching tennis: Games. I've always believed that the best way to connect with kids is by having fun.  A lot of my friends and family tell me that I still act like a child despite being almost 19 years old.  I love to get my students excited about tennis and I've found no better way than ending class with a game of Survivor, See-Ya, or King of the Court.

Who is your favorite tennis pro and why: My little sister Bridget. I've never been a big tennis watcher so I don't really have a favorite. However, Bridget (who just started coaching for SPUT this year) has all the traits of a tennis professional.  She's disciplined, energetic, and has a passion for learning as much as she can to develop as a player.  Plus, I get to play against her all the time!

What is your dream job OR career aspirations: Though it's a difficult road, I'm an aspiring physician.  I love anything to do with medicine; in fact I am CPR, First Aid, and (almost) EMT certified! I volunteer at Children's Hospital in Saint Paul because not only do I love medicine, I love working with kids!   

What do you do like to do off the court: Go hiking and camping!  Anytime I'm off the court I can usually be found with my friends in nature.  I love to explore all the cool places in the Twin Cities.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream: Pistachio, even though it's technically gelato.

What is your favorite place/city other than the Twin Cities: My cabin in Wisconsin.  It holds a lot of special family memories for me.  I'm a home-body so I never like to spend too much time away from Saint Paul though!



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