It's Not Only About Tennis ... It's about life!

Life skills training has been an essential and critical part of the Saint Paul Urban Tennis Program's success. Helping kids learn and enjoy the life-long game of tennis is certainly one important goal of the program...but it's not the only goal.

SPUT was created to give the underserved youth of Saint Paul an opportunity, through tennis, to learn valuable, character building skills that will benefit them for a life time. This is the ultimate goal of our program.  We want to help kids reach their potential both on and off the tennis court! 

The SPUT Life-Skills Program

Here you'll learn the details of how we deliver the "Life-Skills" piece of the SPUT program to your children every day they are involved in the program. You'll get details on how we incorporate "story" into the curriculum, what topics we cover, what "fun home-work" we assign and how the program will benefit your kids far beyond the tennis court!

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The 3 Major Components of Life-Skills Training

Our life-skills training program includes sports-related life skills like sportsmanship and teamwork. The training also includes specific learned skills like shaking hands, asking questions, as well a important developmental skills, such as proper nutrition, eating habits, goal setting ad listening skills. Here you'll learn the 3 major components of our life-skills training program and how they can have a positive impact on your child's development.

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How we Incorporate "Story" Into Our Life-Skills Training

Teaching children is not an easy task. And yet, it is one of the most important responsibilities we all have. The question we have as parents, educators and coaches is how can we reach our kids, so they listen, stay focused and actually absorb what we are teaching them? The answer is through "story".

The SPUT Reading Program: reading is cool!

Reading is the heart of education. The knowledge of almost every subject in school flows from reading. The challenge for all of us is to convince our children that reading is rewarding and will provide great opportunities for happiness, success and security. Here you'll learn how we incorporate age-appropriate reading into every single lesson.

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