Coaching Profile: Foua Khang


Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Years working at SPUT: This is my 2nd year.

Sites you work at: Hazel Park, Desnoyer, and Hamline University.

Why did you want to coach for SPUT: Two big reasons reason why I wanted to coach for SPUT was because I love working with children, and I love to play tennis. The opportunity was perfect because I get to combine my skills with a passion that I have. I also wanted to help children not only to become a better tennis player, but as well as an individual.

What is your favorite thing about coaching tennis: My favorite thing about coaching tennis is seeing the children I work with improve, grow and of course just having a blast.

Who is your favorite tennis pro and why: My favorite tennis pro player is of course Miss Serena Williams. Not only because she is an absolutely incredible tennis player, but I see myself relating to her in many ways that which makes her very inspiring to me.

What is your dream job OR career aspirations: My dream job is to have my very own non-profit organization that helps the population of my community, and my people. I am not quite sure what I would like my organization to be about, yet but I just know that I will be spectacular.

What do you do like to do off the court: Off the court, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I like going on hikes to see very calm, and relaxing sceneries.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream: My favorite flavor of ice-cream is green tea.

What is your favorite place/city other than the Twin Cities: I would have to say my favorite place other than the Twin Cities would have to be Georgetown, Washington DC.

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